Trading Den Rules

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Trading Den Rules

Post  *Sparkle* on Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:32 am

All rules and stuff will be in a list below

1.) If you get scammed on BHF,Please contact me telling usernames. That person will be banned, and i will report them to

2.) No trading BABV credits,real money, or real anything. You must trade BABV item only

3.) No using bearmail to trade only use trading screen

4.) You must be a member for at least a week to post in Trading Den.

5.) your thread should be in this format

BABV Username:
Where to meet & When:
Items I have for trade:
Items I want:

6.) No discussing Trading outside the Trading Den

7.) No Auctioning

8.) If your thread reches over 250 Post it will be deleted. I will message you what it says.

If you don't follow the rules
1 time you will be Get a warning
2 times you will be banned from Trading Den for 1 week
3 Times your banned forever from BHF

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